Sunday, September 3, 2017


I remember back when I was small,  and teenager as well, whenever its mama's birthday, she will took and and myself with her big white bicycle to a shop where she bought all those cross stitch items. Earlier it was located it Wisma Ganda, Sitiawan, then they moved to a shophouse in Sitiawan as well.

It's not that mama was buying herself some threads or whatsoever, but on her birthday, she will bought us toys, or games. I remember we got a huge replica of Megazord, Power Rangers,  Saga game, Playstation etc.  Even the playstation, she got us extra accessories like the steering for racing game, the steps console, joystick.

There was one time when my friends were at home playing playstation, and our 'big' tv was changing into a black and white of the 60s tv. I guess she heard he slapping hard the tv to get back the missing colors. Then the next day, she bought us new tv. 😂

Well, mama is not that kind of parent who spoiled her children that much. She was strict, especially on our studies. We were not that rich too at that time. But she managed to keep and save some, for our future, and also for our entertainment. Hehe. Thanks mama.

I saw one aunty just now pulling a small bike, maybe for her child, under the hot sun next to the street. Tu yang teringat tu....


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