Sunday, July 20, 2008

Me on the road

I've been spending hours on the road everyday for the last two months and a number of interesting episodes I would like to share here.
People here in Kuala Lumpur are fast, driving 100km/h on the federal roads would cost me some horns. Oh, maybe the sign 110km/h on the highway is not actually the maximum speed, it's minimum isn't it? That is the reason why I got lost every single time, belum sempat mengeja perkataan nama tempat and the arrow, dah kena hon. Cis~
Last time I went to KLIA with Nine, believe it, pergi sana just nak pergi bank. Haha~ Tahu tak, bukan atas jalan raya je, dalam parking pon kitorang sesat. We spend 40 minutes at the parking area, from floor to floor before realizing we are at different parking building. Sengal, nine on nine. Haha...
Then last weekend, I went back home to Perak and on my way back, at Kayan (a kampung before reaching Teluk Intan), I was stucked in a heavy traffic jam for an hour. Percaya tak dalam kampung pon boleh traffic jam? Oh, correction. Bukan traffic, but police jam. I really don't understand why the police has to cause such incidents. Buang masa tau...
Just now complain about how fast everyone is, but now it's about how slow some people could be... Haha. Nothing ever reach my satistfaction huh~ Hehe. But imagine lorries are conquering the road on every lane there for 20km? Kiri kanan depan belakang lori. "Heavy vehicles, keep left!" Manalah tak stress bila datang ngan balik kerje~ :-p
Yesterday pulak, ada kayu besar terpelanting kat tengah-tengah highway sampai terkena kereta saya. Oh sedih... Dah kemik kereta kesayangan yang banyak berjasa, lampu pun dah pecah. :-( Kesian kereta... Mana datang kayu-kayu ni, ada ke orang bertukang tengah-tengah highway. Oh, maybe datang dari lori...
So these are some stories about my life on the road.
p.s. Next week I will be moving to Klang, far nearer to my workplace as I have turned into a workaholic guy. Dulu tak suka panas-panas tengah hari, but lately saya sangatlah merindui matahari terik di waktu-waktu begitu. Asyik-asyik balik kerja je nampak bulan... Mana matahari... mana...?


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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Sometimes I wonder, what are the intentions of some people on their doings?
The politics here in Malaysia, from day to day is turning into a big circus with old clowns telling lies to steal the crowds to themselves. People are forgetting the intentions, "nawaitu", in becoming a leader, an "imam" to the people. Leaders today are those who has the greatest ability to get their opponent's skeleton out of their skeleton.
Dalam erti kata lain, hebatlah seseorang itu jika dia berjaya menunjukkan bahawa lawannya lebih buruk daripadanya.
The same goes with advertisements. Take for example, the phone network like maxis, celcom, digi or umobile. Some do forget their "niat", their "nawaitu" towards their customers. Each are competing which network can bamboozle their customers more.
Kenapa setiap di sebalik niat baik, pasti ada niat buruk?
Last time, selalu ingat, "Niat itu penting..." but now, I guess we should add some lines beneath.
Niat itu penting, tapi niat tak pernah menghalalkan cara...