Saturday, April 27, 2013


Apekebende semua orang cakap pasal gwiyomi nih?
Gwiyomi ni sebenarnye lagu, tapi dengan mimik-mimik muka yang comel. Then banyak laa orang dok tiru worldwide neh pasal gwiyomi nye gesture ni.

Tapi kalau tengok video-video gwiyomi ni kat youtube seriously addicted weh.
Mungkin owner lagu ni dah bomoh siap-siap lagi ni bagi addicted. Baru-baru ni Nora Danish pon buat Gwiyomi... Nora nora... dah comel buat lagi comel.

Wawa Zainal pun buat. Tapi tak kenal lah wawa zainal ni... orang kata pelakon..


Dan ni yang comel jugak...

Macam Siti Sifir dok mengajar mengira pun ada bila pikir balik.

Friday, April 19, 2013

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Reunion?

The past week, the photo above caught everyone's attention and has been an internet frenzy to many. The way I see it that there would be a reunion on next year's thanksgiving, as what they would always did in the show, the thanksgiving dinner. Arh, How I wish it was true.

Unfortunately, it is not. The creator of the show denied the rumor, as well as Chandler (Matthew Perry) and the beautiful Rachel (Jennifer Aniston). But I guess it is for the good. It is better to leave the show with many speculations what would happen next to the 6 awesome characters. Some might want what would be on the possible reunion, but some may be disappointed as it does not turn out to be their own expectation. 

Friends is ultimately the best comedy series so far. Friends may not be the funniest, but the value of family, friendship, love and togetherness make it one of its kind.
They stop the show when it was at its peak, and since then fans (including me) have been waiting for a reunion. But as much as I wanted it to happen, I guess it is for the best to let the series end as it was, and remain as one of the legendary show.

The return of BIG thing does not necessarily be the best option to regain fame or fortune. Michael Schumacher for example, he returned to the F1 circuit after years when he decided to retire. But his return was not a success, only a couple of podium without any win, he then decided to retire once again. At that moment, some people (not all) would have forgotten that he was actually a legend, with a whopping 7 times world champion.

I am hoping the return of Star Wars would be as good as the previous one, if not it will totally be a bummer.

A legend should stay a legend.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Bro Code : Ted Mosby Theory.

Guys, this is Ted Mosby. Why I would like my guy friend to know him, especially those singles guy friends, no... it is not because that I thought you may like him and print a poster of him on the wall... but because of the principles that he hold to with friendship. Actually, he is only a character in How I Met Your Mother, if you know... 

Ted Mosby is the guy who tell the stories on how he met his wife to his kids. He has a gang of close friends, a couple of Marshall and Lily, then Barney and Robin, who both ended together and got married as well. So yeah, he is surrounded by couples, and yet, he is the only one who remain single till the end of the season of the series. But why do I make him an example in my version of Bro Code, he stick with his friends, even when they are all married. He try to tag himself along and be apart of the growing family when Marshall and Lily started having a child, even sometimes he feel alone. But he will always be in the loop and eventually, he became a family as well.

I know when someone got married, the single guy friends, especially the close one would keep a distance to give space as he might thought that he will be no longer needed as a wife is already there from his friend, but the fact is that a guy friend, will always be a guy friend. Some things could only be shared with a guy friend. So, just tag along. Well, to tag along 24-7 is not cool laa kan as the friend is married, but keep yourself in the loop always. I am sure, till the day when you find the right girl, you'll still have the friend. And the friend will still need you in his life.

"You can ask the universe for signs all you want, but ultimately we'll only see what we want to see... when we're ready to see it. - Ted Mosby

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clothes You Should NEVER Wear.

I was surfing on the web when I found this photo. 

I've seen Justin Bieber wore this before, then again, and again. Then I found this actress Halle Berry also wore it. And I just want to say that this pants, which is called the Harem Pants by the way, is completely, utterly ridiculous. At this moment, this is the number 1 thing on my list of clothes that you should never wear. Seriously Bieber boy, that is so so so so so so not cool. 

Nama pon harem, harem! Blergh. Macam ikan kembung pun ada tengok rupenye.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Iron Lady.

Almost everyone in this world knows her.
She was the Prime Minister of Great Britain for more than a decade, re-transformed it to a powerful industrialized country. She remained close relationship with the United States that ended the cold war with the Soviets. She even brought the country into war with Argentina in 1982 if I'm not mistaken to regain Falkland.

She was a determined leader. She changed the atmosphere of the political world and also, the economy. Many might not agree with the decisions made during her era, but no one could ever deny her successful, iconic and impressive achievement that she had brought. She is truly a legend, a titan of the modern world, she is indeed, The Iron Lady.
She will be remembered. 

Margaret Thatcher, 1925 - 2013.