Wednesday, December 28, 2022

A Perfect End.

 I watched a Korean series for the past weeks, The Crowned Clown. Spoiler alert, the ending is not as usual as other korean series. Typically when a hero became King, living happily ever after with the Queen is considered as a perfect end. But this is otherwise. Once the country is at a state of peace, the King, decided to step down with the Queen, to live as a commoner for the rest of their lives. To him, its the ultimate happiness of a perfect end. Ok. But wait, this is not a post for a review on the TV series.

Some of us must be wonding... why must a King stepped down and lived as a commoner? We were taught to spend the rest of the lives being on top, being in power, in full greatness and go further in life with even more achievements. But at this stage of life, I would understand why such actions, leaving everything behind and be happy with loved ones are the best possible way to be the end. 

I joined the public service, in a so-called elite post a decade ago. To many people, this job is the Crème de la crème. and has the potential to go further, even to the peak possible. I believed so too. I wanted to do so many changes, to lead and do so many greater things. But as years gone by, my priority changed. Meeting a lot of 'different' people changed my perception and my dream. 

What I want to do now is being grounded, and at peace. I know now that life is short to be wasted. 

As I still love my office life and career, I do wanna go back on time, pick up my kids at school, go home before Maghrib and perform solat together. My wife will get the dinner ready while I watch the kids doing their homework, we will then have dinner together while chatting on what's going on at work and school.

We will go back to our kampung or hometown during weekend to visit our parents, to instill that family always stick together. Hanging out with the rest of their cousins, my nephews and nieces, my sisters and brothers, and of course our beloved mother is all we do during Saturdays and Sundays. We'll go to the kubur in the morning, do a little bit of cleaning and gardening, then go to the market so that my mother will cook our favorite dish.

Once in a while, I wanna take my family for a holiday. Do sight-seeing like typical tourists do. It doesn't necessarily to be far away with all those fancy hotels and places, we could do it locally, go to the waterfall, or drive along the mountains, go for a swim at the beach, it doesn't matter, as long as the kids are having the time that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

The kids will grow up, be someone who is kind to people. A good Muslim. While my wife and I will grow old, enjoying our older life, travelling maybe. Doing some gardening, and orchard maybe? I would like to resume reading and writing till the end of my life.

That's a perfect end. To me...

After 13 years in the real life, I'm not even close to that end. But you'll see... The point I am making now is, sometimes what people need in life is now what others think it should be. 

Life is short. Be happy. Make your loved ones too.


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